Why Agencies Win More New Business with Winmo

Looking to fill your new business pipeline with targeted opportunities? Winmo empowers agency new business teams to identify the marketers they’re most interested in doing business with by allowing them to filter organisations and brands based on annual revenue, sector, geography, title, media spend by channel and more. Quickly find the Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Marketing or Brand Managers you’re looking for.

Knowing that your time is limited, we’ve designed Winmo to do the heavy lifting for you. This intuitive platform tracks the advertisers and decision-makers you follow over time, and suggests similar new business opportunities in return – helping you to identify more accounts that your agency is uniquely positioned to win.

With over 20 years in the agency space, we’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the most successful new business teams and increase their billings year over year. How? By providing the new business tools that empower agencies to rely less on referrals and tenders and more on implementing a repeatable new business strategy that drives results!


Our agency clients find the most value when combining Winmo with our prospecting publication WinmoEdge to find new business. Identifying opportunities before they happen, WinmoEdge’s Predictive Analysis feature pinpoints significant industry shifts such as agency reviews 3-18 months before they happen. In fact, we’re predicting change at an impressive rate – 70% to be exact.

Use Winmo to connect with:
Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Brand Officers, Heads of Marketing, Marketing Strategy Directors, Digital Marketing Managers, PR and Corporate Communications Teams, Experiential and Events Contacts, Brand Managers, Social Media Executives, Multicultural Marketing Managers and more…

Win more business. Get started today.

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