• National & Regional Advertiser and Agency Contacts
  • Verified Decision-Maker Contact Details
  • Daily Prospecting Recommendations
  • Company Media Spend
  • Actionable Sales Alerts
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  • Daily Advertiser & Agency Insights
  • Predicted Media Spend Shifts
  • Forecasted Agency Account Moves
  • Decision-Makers on the Move
  • Top 100 Most Vulnerable Accounts
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FAQ: Winmo Packages

What’s the difference between Advantage and Select?

Winmo’s Advantage package is the whole sha-bang. With DailyVista added to the mix your team is guaranteed to get a boost in prospecting power. Not only will you be able to identify WHO you should be connecting with, you’ll also receive exclusive industry forecasts — empowering you and your team to better understand WHEN and WHY to make an introduction.

What is WinmoEdge?
WinmoEdge (formerly DailyVista) is an exclusive prospecting publication that tracks media and advertising shifts and translates them into timely, actionable sales opportunities. Closely tracking significant new business triggers like decision-makers on the move, expansions, spending shifts, and agency reviews our team of research analysts are able to forecast opportunities 3-18 months before they happen. Our most successful clients pair WinmoEdge with Winmo for a deeper understanding about who they should connect with once those opportunities are discovered.
Do you have volume discounts for users and downloads?

Yes! We work with teams of 1 all the way up to 1,000 users. For more information, please contact our sales team or call 020 7043 3572.

More Questions?

Send them our way – contact us here or call 020 7043 3572.

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