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Instantly generate targeted prospect lists by using advanced search filters for sector, media spend, geography, titles and more.

List of Agency Relationships

Access our agency database to quickly identify the agency-brand relationships most important to you.

Creative Portfolios

Use our creative vault to pinpoint ad creative from around the globe, and filter on the media channel of your choice.

Personalised Alerts

Receive bespoke, real-time alerts when updates are made on the advertiser, agency or decision-maker profiles you follow.

Salesforce Integration

Easily sync high value prospecting data directly from Winmo into your Salesforce account.

Lead Recommendations

Get customised lead recommendations based on your unique search habits and prospecting activity.

See Winmo in Action

Prospecting just got easier! Focus on the most promising leads (aka most likely to convert) with Winmo. Watch this video to see our sales intelligence platform in action!

The combined power of Winmo + WinmoEdge

Looking to outsmart your competitors? Maximise your results by combining the actionable sales intelligence of Winmo with the forecasted new business opportunities of WinmoEdge (formerly DailyVista).

Our most successful clients agree — knowing who to connect with is important but understanding the best time, and the best way, to engage those high value prospects is actionable intelligence you need to win the deal.

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“This evolutionary resource is profoundly changing business development for our customers. Winmo helps sales professionals who target national advertisers and their agencies win more business by providing them intuitive, accurate and actionable lead intelligence, recommendations and predictions in real-time on a daily basis.”

Dave Curry

Dave Currie, President