In Business-to-Business Sales, Contact Intelligence Is Vital

If you know your customers’ daily challenges, you can easily explain how you can help them, whether that’s with a product or ad inventory. Most sellers, when they find a business opportunity, lead with email outreach. But a one-size-fits-all approach might not be the best way to identify the best way to reach the most valuable opportunities. What can you do with a name and a business email address? There’s a ton of information you can find out about your prospects if you can get a business email address for them. At the very least you’re going to have their company name and website URL. Once you visit that URL you will probably get a sense of what your prospect’s business is and how you might help them achieve their goals. Everyone email in a company’s business email address directory will tend to follow the same format, too, so once you know one person in an organization, it’s not very difficult to extrapolate that out over the people in the organization you want to reach. Usually you’ll be looking at some combination of first name (or initial) and their last name (with or without a dot separator). Some companies limit their name-side of the email address to a specific number of characters so there might be some truncation involved, but you don’t have to be Wikileaks to figure out the pattern. This knowledge is particularly useful if you’ve heard about a promotion or new hire in your target organization and want to get on their radar before anyone else. Unlock their social media accounts Business email addresses will also...

Advantage You: How to Baseline Business Intelligence Tools

Serving up leads and sales is easy with the right sales intelligence. Knowing what you want in a platform, however, can prove to be a bit more challenging (think trying to take down Serena Williams or Andy Murray: Not an easy task!). We thought we’d break it down a bit, giving you the top four tips for finding your must-have sales resource. Human-verified data While a machine can serve you tennis balls to help up your game, one thing technology can’t do accurately is verify data for prospecting. The people checking the data in your business intelligence solution should understand how you’re going to use the information to ensure the data they gather is up to date and useful. Some providers data-scrape websites or social media communities for contact information. But if there’s no verification by actual humans, then the contact information you get could be out of date, inaccurate, or just wrong. Like strawberries and sour cream, or cucumber sandwiches in principle. Relationship mapping The ideal business database contact platform needs to break down the who’s who for you in a way that’s accurate, valuable, and easy to understand. You shouldn’t have to guess which agency and marketing contact is working with which brand. Bigger corporations often have multiple marketing divisions, each dealing with individual brands. Sometimes getting the contact information for the CMO of Nissan UK will be less helpful than getting the contact information for the SVP of marketing for the Nissan Micra team. Unless you’re looking for a conversation that ends with “you cannot be serious,” let your sales intelligence platform serve up something you...
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