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Looking for your next sponsorship deal? Winmo empowers sports teams, charitable organisations, entertainment venues, and experiential marketers to open doors with Britain’s leading national and regional marketers. Sponsorship and events professionals use our sales intelligence to identify relevant contacts, brand partners, and agencies specialising in sports and sponsorship planning, negotiation, and activation. Whether you’re looking to drive event sponsorship sales, sports sponsorship sales or simply identify prospect research for fundraisers, Winmo connects you with the information that matters most.

Winmo+WinmoEdge: Sponsorship-focused sellers find the most success when combining Winmo with our prospecting publication WinmoEdge. Pinpointing prospecting triggers specific to sponsorship, the two platforms work alongside each other to highlight when advertisers are shifting their strategies and pounds toward partnership opportunities.

Use Winmo to connect with: Heads of Sponsorships, Sports Marketing Executives, Event Marketing Managers, Experiential and Lifestyle Marketing Contacts, Brand Managers, Sponsorship Coordinators, Entertainment Marketing Managers and more…

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