Audience Targeting Techniques for B2B Marketers

Sales intelligence solutions streamline and simplify the process of identifying viable B2B prospects. If your firm is not currently relying on sales intelligence tools for marketing and business growth purposes, it’s already falling behind the competition, with time wasted on fruitless research and outdated leads. A crucial aspect of growing a business is marketing your services to the right people, and therefore, effective audience targeting techniques are of the utmost importance. Pick up some useful tips about targeting prospects efficiently, and find out how a sales intelligence platform like Winmo can help. Harness the Power of Big Data Today’s leading sales intelligence solutions tap into the incredible power of Big Data, providing B2B marketers with extensive amounts of in-depth information about prospects across virtually all industries and niches. Fortunately, there are many tools and resources you can use to tap into this data. Unfortunately, the amount of data can be overwhelming, and many databases are not as rich in usefulness or quality as they are in quantity. Once you weigh the pros and cons of competing sales intelligence resources, you might, for example, opt for a database that covers fewer industries, but has richer relationship mapping or more targeted intelligence on the industries you do target. You may additionally value integrations with existing technology you use, such as LinkedIn, or your favourite CRM solution, such as Salesforce. Techniques for Targeting B2B Audiences You expect the best sales intelligence solutions to automate the majority of the audience targeting process by culling data, generating targeted prospect lists by industry, geography, media spend and other variables. While such tools can certainly make...
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