Cross-Device Programmatic Advertising Ready to Take Off in 2016

Considering the advantages, this year will be the year of cross-device programmatic advertising. The combined solution is appealing to more and more companies because it offers greater advantages, such as speed, data clarity and mobile efficacy. Let’s take a look at the top trends pushing cross-device programmatic ad sales to the forefront in 2016. The Clearest Solution for the Fastest-Growing Challenge It’s the “cross-device” portion of cross-device programmatic advertising that really has companies eyeing the solution this year. It comes from a simple necessity: responding to the mobile world. Most businesses understand that the vast rise of mobile shopping and the triumph of mobile devices over desktop computers requires an adjustment in strategy to contact customers. The problem is that businesses don’t want to change. Despite the constant warnings over the past several years, despite Google’s semi-annual efforts with carrot (mobile development guides) and stick (stricter mobile algorithms two years running) many businesses still have poor mobile strategies and are unsure where to go. They don’t get mobile, and they don’t have the time to invest in it. Programmatic advertising, however, is adapting to the needs of the market and offering a “fire and forget” option for these busy companies: cross-device advertising that ensures ads will show up on mobile devices with minimal effort on the part of the business. More and more companies will be seeking this “easy” solution as a way to play catch up with consumers in 2016. Finally Looking Through Consumer Eyes Programmatic advertising has been a very useful method for digital marketing in recent years, but it’s also been held back by bad habits...
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