Sales Intelligence Must-Haves to Find Decision Makers

Regardless of industry, sales intelligence resources provide background data on contacts, companies, and industries. The idea is that rather than spending hours researching and vetting contact information for decision makers – that may or may not prove fruitful – sales professionals can use these resources to easily access what they need. But do they actually work? The right sales intelligence tool for your company can turn prospects into leads faster, shorten your sales cycle, improve conversion rates, and free you up from the tedious stuff so you can focus on the meat of what you do – building relationships and closing deals. If you’re targeting national marketers and/or their agencies, there are specific features and functions that the highest-performing new business teams consider must-haves – in other words, the boxes that must be ticked to make it a worthy investment. In our 20+ years working alongside media, marketing, and agency new business teams, we’ve cultivated an acute understanding of what these particular groups need to succeed. After listening to our clients and conducting extensive research, from surveys and focus groups to beta tests and everything in between, these are the five must-haves our most successful clients tell us they need: 1) Human-Verified Data for Prospecting If meaningful sales intelligence could be scraped from the internet, it would be a brilliant investment to pay someone to write a script that could collect it for you. But the information needed to engage the right people at the right companies is not something that’s conspicuously floating around the web, or accurately crowd-sourced in any other way. That’s not to say that technology and...
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