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Service: media buying & planning

Main Telephone 020 7158 5500
Main Fax 020 7158 5999
Primary Address
124 Theobalds Road
London, London WC1X 8RX

KR Mediacom Contacts

Contacts (5/13)
Name Title City
Kate A. Digital Director London
Sample of Associated Brands
Email: *****@*******.***
Main Phone: 020 7158 5500
Direct Phone: *** **** ***   ext: ****
Direct Fax: *** **** ***
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 124 Theobalds Road
London, London

Reda L. Digital Associate Director London
Karina M. Media Planning Director London
Louise B. Planning Director London
Katie M. Planning Manager London

Client Relationships

Brand Service From To Media Spend
****** **** ****** Media Buying, Media Planning unknown present *
********* - ***** Media Buying, Media Planning unknown present ******
******* - ********* & ******* media planning unknown present *******
******* - ********* & ******* Media Buying, Media Planning unknown present *******
********* **** Media Buying, Media Planning 2010 present ****

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Top Q2 Clothing & Accessories spenders con't...

We gave you a taste of the top Q2 clothing & accessory spenders earlier this week, but wanted to end 2016 with a few more in case you're looking for extra leads to go after before 2017.

We won't be publishing again until 3 Jan., but we'll have plenty of opportunities you've likely missed displayed on the home page until then.

From Winmo and the WinmoEdge team, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year!



​Freemans Grattan Holding (Otto Group )

Opportunity: Spent £1.92m in the category during Q2 , mostly in TV.

Media Buyer:


Opportunity: Recently Wieden & Kennedy's grocery advertising responsibilities. Sellers should gear up for next year's spending ahead of back-to-school and spring's homeware industry peak.

During the first half of 2016, Sainsbury's spent around £9.2m on its general product ranges including homewares. The retailer spent around £3.6m on its Tu clothing line during this time, with £1.6m during Q2.

Media Buyers: Mr. Tom Stimpfig, Broadcast Planner & Buyer,

River Island

Opportunity: The vulnerable account  spent £1.5m during Q2, mainly on TV.  Another £644k was spent on digital, mainly desktop, during this time, according to Pathmatics. Most of this spend share was put towards direct publishing on However, Videology led to ads appearing on publishers such as, and 

Media Buyer: Ms. Jodie Miles, Partnerships Account Director,


​Opportunity: Spent £1.4m in the category during Q2, mostly on TV.  The back-to-school season is the biggest retail event of the year for the shoe brand, but school-aged children, parents and sneaker-enthusiast millennials are advertised year-round. Q2 is often when new Spring and Summer lines are released, so be sure you benefit from revenue being spent in Q2 and know that Q3 will likely be even bigger. 

Skechers spent £42k on digital during Q2 this year, nearly all on desktop and site-direct. Top sites were, and 

Media Agency: MEC handles media planning and buying. 

Contact: Brett Worth, Performance Sales & Marketing UK & Ireland,


Opportunity: Spent £1.3m during Q2 this year, mostly on press with TV and online marketing filling in the gaps. Rolex spent another £153k on digital in Q2, according to Pathmatics. Most of this was site-direct in desktop publishers including, and

Q2 is also prime time for planning ahead of bigger Q4 pounds. Sponsorship is always on the table. Luxury-focused sellers should try for revenue year-round. 

Media Buyer: ​Mr. Nathan Guinea Global Account Director


Opportunity:  The former McCann London to launch a Spring and Summer 2017 global ad campaign, covering above-the-line activity. Sellers should be going after imminent Q1 spending ahead of Valentine's Day, but remember the brand spends more than a million each quarter and several million in Q4. 

In Q2 this year, the jewellery brand spent £1.3m during, mainly in outdoor and press. 

The SS17 ad campaign will be PANDORA's first mark on its ploy to celebrate female empowerment through jewellery, so female-focused sellers, as well as male-gifter-focused sellers should have a lot of opportunity. 

Media Buyer: Ms. Rachel Maxwell, Planner Buyer,


Opportunity:  On the heels of Christmas spending, Asda will begin gearing up for prime grilling and picnic seasonal spend in Q2 and Q3. This Q2, Asda spent £1.1m, mostly in press but TV and radio made up a large amount as well.

Per Pathmatics, the retailer spent £5.7m on digital ads in Q2, most of them advertising new spring attire and outdoor accessories.  About a million of this represented George ads. Most spending was site-direct on, and

Those with audiences consisting of many females and mums should have an advantage. 

Media Buyer: Ms. Victoria Bickle, Managing Partner,


Opportunity:  Named its first global creative AOR, RKCR/Y&R, in Q1, then spent £996k in Q2, mostly in press. Another £330k was spent on digital, mainly video ads running site-direct. Chanel had only spend a third as much the year before. Overall, Chanel spent £4m on digital this year -- more than four times what was spent in 2015, so there is lots of new digital revenue ahead. Top sites were, and 

Those with luxury, upper/middle-class men and women with an interest in high fashion, should be already going after the brand. Chanel has only recently gone after a younger audience, but previously was more appealing to 50+ women.

Media Buyer: Ms. Mitusha Lakhani Account Director

​Louis Vuitton

Opportunity:  CD spent £942k during Q2, mostly on press. Another £1.8m was spent on digital during the quarter, according to Pathmatics. This was up from just £42k spent in Q2 2015. Most of this year's spend was on desktop and site-direct, on destinations like, and  Q2 is when the brand typically launches new summer fragrances and accessories, targeting Gen-X females. 

LV spent just £918k in Q2, mostly online, but just a few thousand pounds on digital. However, LV will likely increase digital advertising moving foward to target more millennials than Gen-X and Boomers. 

Media Buyer: Ms. Emily Bray Business Director,


Opportunity: Spent £944k on clothing ads -- mostly in TV, and another million on digital in Q2 this year, according to Nielsen and Pathmatics, respectively.  This year's digital ads were mainly desktop with 20% on mobile.

Most spend share was on direct, but DSPs DoubleClick, MediaMath and TubeMogule took up 26% of impressions and Google's ad network took up 29%.  Top destinations were, and 

Sellers with a lot of mums and parents should have an advantage as they look for kids clothing, such as 'maritime chic' items, as whether begins to warm up. 

Media Buyer: Ms. Clare Deloford Digital Development Associate Director