Prospecting tips for inbound and outbound sales strategies

These days, marketers are balancing inbound sales and marketing strategies with outbound tactics. Although the industry’s focus has shifted to inbound, it may surprise you to hear that outbound sales techniques are still powerful tools for business development, especially for small and growing companies. The key components of an effective sales strategy, include: (1) building up accurate, actionable sales intelligence in target verticals, (2) strategic development and execution of repeatable sales processes. When building an effective sales model for your business, here are several prospecting tips to keep in...

How to be Successful at Cold Calling

Do you want to improve the success of your cold calling strategies as well as your overall lead qualification process? If you feel like your cold calling efforts are not generating qualified leads or quality prospects for your business, then it may be time to revamp your strategy. We put together five tips for successful cold calling that not only builds a pipeline of prospects for your business, but also increases close rates and profit in the...

4 Indicators that a company will look for a new marketing agency

As an agency executive, you need to know when potential clients will be on the hunt for a new agency so you can position yourself to land the job. When companies hire new marketing decision makers, they’re looking for fresh outlooks and expertise that will incite growth. We have put together four tips so you can know when executives are going to conduct an agency review and how be ready for...

5 Tips for Pitching without Sweaty Palms

Selecting the right pitch means being ruthless with yourself and your team on the criteria, the resources and the approach you take. Regardless of whether you are new to business development, or a pro at it, you have probably experienced a pitch or two that didn’t quite go as planned. To help you make the next pitch a success we have compiled five of our best tips to help avoid all dreaded scenarios for pitching an...
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