Sales Intelligence Features

Connect with Your Peers

One of the reasons our Winmo clients are so successful is because they have access to our social community, WinmoTalk. Comprised of seasoned professionals who target national advertisers and their agencies, just like you, WinmoTalk allows you to engage with your peers in real-time about relevant business development insights.

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Targeted Search Functionality

Whatever qualities your high-value prospects share, Winmo helps you isolate them.  Use advanced filters to target by title, territory, revenue, industry and even advertisers handling creative or media in-house.

Targeted Search Functionality

Forecasted Sales Opportunities

WinmoEdge’s Forecasted Sales Opportunities

Combining Winmo with WinmoEdge (formerly DailyVista) gives your new business strategy a 1-2 punch. Tracking a series of new business triggers such as Spending Shifts, Decision Makers on the Move, Product Launches, Struggles and Expansions, our team of research analysts are experts in identifying significant industry shifts 3-18 months in advance. Ultimately helping you connect with prospects at just the right time.

Integrated Solutions

Get everything you need to effectively prospect within one platform. Looking for ad creative, media spend or the ability to sync important decision-makers into your CRM? Our strategic partnerships with Moat, Coloribus and Salesforce help you do just that.

Integrated Solutions

Personalized Lead Recommendations

Personalised Lead Recommendations

Online retailers make suggestions when you’re shopping on their website, so why can’t your prospecting platform do the same? Well, we can. Winmo progressively maps your prospecting patterns over time and delivers personalised lead suggestions in return – helping you keep your sales pipeline full.

Stay Organised with Prospect Lists

Save contacts to prospect lists, then manage, merge and export with automatic duplicate detection. You can even sync to Salesforce, or create public lists to help assign leads to your team.

Stay Organized with Prospect Lists

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