Mobile Ad Spend to Surpass TV & Print in 2016

The latest eMarketer report is in and spending on mobile advertising in the UK is projected to outpace two traditional categories: TV & print. In fact, spending on mobile increased by 45% in 2015 alone, reaching around £3.26 billion. This is far more than the total amount spent on print advertising in newspapers and magazines, representing an important shift in how marketers are thinking about content and where to place it. Spending isn’t only limited to this year, either. In 2015, mobile ad budgets are expected to rise by another 35%. The phenomenon extends outside the UK, as well. Reports on U.S. marketing show that by 2019, mobile ads will account for around 72% of all digital ad spending. The next couple of years should see the U.S. market also hit the tipping point and begin spending more on mobile marketing efforts. Why is this happening at roughly the same rate in both the UK and the U.S.? Let’s take a look at a few of the most important trends and reasons why budgets are experiencing this enormous shift. Smartphone Usage These days, nearly everyone has access to a smartphone with browsing capabilities. As smartphones became ubiquitous, they become rivals for attention. The time adults spend on their desktops is steadily decreasing, and the time spent on smartphones is increasing every day. Mobile is Still New(ish) in the Marketplace Consumers are generally more likely to notice mobile ad options when browsing the net or opening an app. Screen real estate is far more limited, and customers haven’t started to automatically tune out banner ads the same way they have on desktops. This...
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